Who We Are

Delta Corporation is a highly qualified global leader in the provision of pressure control equipment and x-mas tree for the oil and gas industry. We manufacture and service wellhead equipment, valves, actuators and flow control products. Our business is built on innovative designs, smart technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, as well as highly professional workshop and field support services.

We offer a wide variety of wellhead and x-mas tree equipment services from field installation, testing and servicing, to shop testing, servicing, refurbishment and modification.

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The company was established in Texas, USA, in 1977 and over the next decade extended from its national base to supplying South American and Caribbean countries such as Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago.

Delta’s expansion into the Middle East began with Qatar, with the first branch opening in 1995. The facility boasted full in-house capability to support both regional and international oil and gas companies.

Qatar’s strategic location was a gateway for the high demand for our products and services in the Gulf region. The successful business results in these countries led the company to expand into other MENA countries.

By continually offering the best products matched by exemplary service, Delta was able to develop its global reach in 2006 by further expansion into Africa and Asia.

In 2009, Delta expanded its operation to larger premises in the new industrial area. The company’s 1200 sqm state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which carry out operations such as precision machining, horizontal boring and it also includes testing bays to perform hydrostatic and gas/nitrogen testing.

Delta Corporation has an unrivaled quality control system in place to ensure that all our products meet the highest international standards. Qualified auditors monitor the company’s practices on an annual basis to verify the application of exceptional standards.

Our commitment to quality is one of the main reasons for our success in the industry and our accreditations are the ultimate scorecards.

Today, Delta has a reputation for excellence in service and manufacturing, resulting in turnover of million per annum. We offer superior products that are produced to the best quality standards in an environment totally focused on health, safety and efficiency to meet the stringent demands of our impressive customer base.



We design products to match our customers’ requirements which are fully tested simulation which replicate real conditions. The crucial analysis provides the data needed to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions.


Taking advantage of our premium located facilities all over the globe gave us the opportunity to be close to our customer and having control over the manufacturing of the equipment in own facilities. We can produce and deliver in short time-frames.


We understand the need for our clients to control their costs and through our efficient manufacturing processes we are able to price our services extremely competitively.


Delta corporation has experience in providing equipment and services across many countries and diverse terrains. Through the sharing of best practice, we have built an experienced workforce with a firm understanding of clients’ needs.

International Networks

Delta Corporation operates worldwide and has built up a strong network of international partnerships and clients


At Delta Corporation we are committed to quality.
Our manufacturing facility is approved by the American Petroleum Institute to apply the API monogram on all products, while adhering to material standards such as API, NACE, ASTM, and ASME.
We offer innovative designs, state of the art manufacturing, testing workshops and field support services fields service supports for wellhead equipment, valves, actuators and flow control products.
Our manufacturing facility is certified to API 6A, 16A, 5 CT, 6D and 7-1 products, in addition to ISO 9001, ISO/T329001, and Q1. Our products meet all the relevant standards for material supply such as NACE, ASTM and ASME.


Our modern manufacturing workshops include a large number of CNC machines that can carry out all types of precision operations and CNC horizontal and vertical boring machines.
This workshops also includes test machine benches that are capable of covering test bays with the capability to perform hydrostatic testing for up to 22,500 psi, and gas/nitrogen testing up to 30,000 psi. A milling Centre is capable of manufacturing single and dual X-mas tree blocks.
The assembly and testing areas also comprises a horizontal bench for computerized testing of all valves and equipment up to 16 inches.