Delta Hydraulic Actuated Valve (DHAV)

Suitable for offshore and onshore locations and ideal for use in H2S and CO2 applications, the Delta range of hydraulic piston actuators provides a simple and reliable valve automation solution. The DHAV is available in 2.1/16” through 7 1/16” nominal valve sizes with various pressure ratings.


Delta’s Line Pressure Operated (DLPO) Surface Safety Systems are hydraulically operated flow line control valves, arranged to protect a facility from the effects of pipeline failures. The primary function of the Line Pressure Operated Surface Safety System is to detect any abnormal high or low flow line pressure deviations and respond to it by shutting…

Self-Contained SSV

The Self-Contained Surface Safety Valve (SCSSV)uses hydraulic fluid pressure generated by a manual hand pump. Its major use is to protect facilities from the effects of pipeline failure and abnormal conditions. Unlike DLPO systems, line pressure is not used to operate the SCSSV system. The Surface Safety Valve system is designed for remote shutdown of…