In-house Services

Our goal is the continuous improvement and value of the services we provide to our customers. We provide testing and a number of enhanced services to the industry either in our workshop or onsite.


Performance Qualification Test

Delta is committed to provide its clients with reliable products that are tested against worst possible environmental conditions. Therefore, Delta has adapted different types of testing set-ups that are used to perform various kinds of design validation tests.


We provide customers with non-destructive testing (NDT) including MPI, DPI, PMI and ultrasonic testing.

Full NDT documentation packages are provided upon the completion of all weld overlay projects to assure customers of the highest quality standards.


Delta Corporation fully equipped manufacturing workshops are totally covered and fully air-conditioned.

Production and assembly are carried out in modern facilities, where all manufactured products are API Monogrammed and strictly comply with the highest quality standards and health and safety measures.

Delta is equipped with a large number of highly technological machines including; CNC machines capable of carrying out all types of precision operations and large CNC horizontal boring machine with pallet size of 2000mm x 1800mm for manufacturing dual blocks.


At Delta, we have invested heavily in weld overlay cladding capabilities to provide our customers with the full cladding and machining package.

Delta has the weld overlay technology to clad bores from 2” up to 48” diameter.

Our experienced weld overlay technicians operate four Fronius ETR, two Fronius CCC and one Polysoude cladding system.

We have pre-heating machines and an in-house PWHT furnace (8 tons).

Delta has developed weld overlaying procedures for Ni based alloys (625) and stainless steel (316L) on C.S or low-alloy steel parent materials used specifically in the oil and gas industry.

These welding procedures are fully qualified and endorsed based on customers’ specifica ons, ASME Sec. IX and API 6A.


HVOF or high velocity Oxy-fuel thermal coating is a state-of-the-art coating process, where particles of harder material are accelerated at a high temperature in a pressure flame generated from the combus on of liquid fuel and pure oxygen. The accelerated high temperature particles are fused into the base material’s surface creating a layer with enhanced mechanical properties. HVOF coatings mainly provide high wear and corrosion resistance in addition to protection against galling of sliding surfaces.

Currently we are providing coating solutions with tungsten carbide and Stellite 6® materials, with the capability of spraying several other types of materials at the customer’s request and depending on compatibility with our system.

The main benefits of thermally sprayed tungsten carbide coating are:

  • Higher density coatings mean lower porosity
  • Better wear resistance because of harder coatings
  • Higher bonding strength to the substrate material and improved cohesive strength within the coating itself
  • Less degradation of carbide phases which results in higher coating hardness
  • Improved corrosion resistance because of the lower porosity of the coating
  • Lower presence of oxidation because of less in-flight exposure

Typical applications of tungsten carbide coating include:

– MTM technology ball valves and seats
– Gate valves
– Valve actuators
– Stems

Our current set-up also includes fine surface finishing capabilities for the above materials, such as surface grinders and lapping equipment.