Design and Engineering

Delta’s highly professional design and engineering department uses the most innovative and state-of-the-art technology to design and develop a wide range of oilfield products to match our customers’ requirements.

We have the capability to design and build many different products and utilize FEA software to simulate different loading conditions. Our FEA capability also includes different analyses, e.g. static, dynamic, linear, non-linear, thermal and fluid pressure penetration.

Plastic models of new products are usually printed to give better visualization of the integrated parts.

Delta is capable of simulating the real conditions that our manufactured equipment will be exposed to. We have a complete testing facility which includes, but is not limited to, high pressure gas booster and hydraulic pumps, a hydraulic ram to perform loading tests up to a 2 million lb load, high and low temperature set-up for PR2 testing and a deformation test set-up that consists of strain gauges and a data acquisition system.

All our processes meet the highest manufacturing and safety standards to ensure our products are robust and fit for purpose.

Hydraulic Ram

Our double acting hydraulic ram with a capacity of 2,000,000 lbs can be used to perform load cycling tests for different types of hangers. Different pulling adapters can be connected to its heavy duty piston in order to match with a wide size range of hangers.

Cooling Facility

Different sizes of testing chambers are fitted with a heat insulation layer and the required injection parts to minimise the use of liquid nitrogen and precisely control what is being tested, e.g. at the required low temperature.

Heating System

The heating capacity of this system is up to 1200° Celsius / 2192° Fahrenheit and is used for heating equipment to achieve the high temperature qualifications that are required by API 6A.


Our data acquisition system provides full control of test data performed by collecting readings every second. The data could be pressure, temperature, deflection, strain, etc.

After that, the assembled data can be easily processed to produce the information required.


Delta Corporation continuously aims to maintain a high level of designing process by dedicating SolidWorks system into the engineering division. The system allows the engineers to build 3D CAD models in an integrated environment of different modules.

This technology enables the team the ability to visualize the design from multiple perspectives, and to apply various types of studies.


With the power of the 3D printing technology, our design engineers are now capable of rapidly prototyping plastic design models throughout multiple stages of design development.

This capability allows a clearer perspective of the design form and function characteristics that can be shared and discussed among team members. This method also helps in reviewing conceptual designs and additional features that can later be implemented in the final product.