Solar System

B.4- Solar Control System

Solar System

System Operation

The solar panel uses the sunlight energy to compress enough air pressure to operate the pneumatic SSV. This technique allows the equipment to be used in an unattended or isolated location. In normal operation air pressure is supplied to the actuator from the air receiver through the inlet port at the top of the actuator, which holds the valve in open position by compressing the actuator spring. If the line pressure should rise or fall outside the set pressure is sensing range of the hi-low pilot, the pilot switches to its exhaust position releasing air pressure from the actuator. As the air pressure is released from the actuator the spring moves the gate of the valve to the closest position.

Major System Components

    • Surface Safety Valve.
    • Pneumatic actuator.
    • Solar Panel and Control Panel.
    • Solar Panel.
    • Battery Storage.
    • Voltage Controller.
    • Explosion Proof Motor.
    • Air Compressor.
    • Air Receiver.
    • Control Panel and Housing.