Refurbishment / Recertification

C-29 Casing Head

Delta repair and remanufacturing facility is fully equipped to bring innovative solutions to refurbish and recertify API equipment to API specified repair levels thereby offering customers the opportunity to have a fully API refurbishment carried out on critical equipment resulting in cost saving & reduction in turnaround.

Delta has the full capability to refurbish all types of valves, wellheads and related oilfield products, including wire line and drilling BOP’s and SSV’s, such as DLPO gate valves and large pipeline ball valves / actuators. For each repair and remanufacturing project, an individual Quality Plan is drawn up, unless an existing one is deemed satisfactory.

Pipes Fabrication & Welding

Delta boasts a fully equipped fabrication shop which can handle any turnkey project related to pipe fabrication, valves and wellheads repair.

The processing equipment consists of various types of lathes, a milling and boring centre, a boring and facing machine, boring mill, universal mill, various drills, grinders, rotary tables, welding units and machines, plate and pipe rolling and bending machines, a band saw, a hydraulic press, cranes and forklifts.