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Qatar, Qatar, Middle East
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Senior Level
Bachelor Degree
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Full time

Senior Procurement Engineer

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  1. Responsible for planning, organizing and directing the purchase activity & procurement process.
  2. Selection of approved vendors who ensures optimum quality with defined engineering requirement at the best negotiated price, available at right time to meet customer order deadlines.
  3. Contribute in defining and developing procurement strategy and manage implementation, also monitor its progress & visible results. Optimize sourcing & outsourcing based on business & organizational need.
  4. Responsible for building templates for purchase transaction and for progress by monitoring reports. Direct these activities to improve cost of procurement, purchase cycle time, coordination and communication, manpower utilization & maximum return on efficiencies.
  5. Manage business performance through development of monitoring systems to visualize functioning of all processes. Manage and controlling spending against budget and in relation to changes in sales revenue.
  6. Monitor Warranty Claims and replenishment QC rejects from the vendor.
  7. Ensuring that the correct and updated item’s Standard cost, Purchase Prices & purchase lead time are maintained in the ERP system. Obtain the appropriate approval for the changes in Standard cost of the Items.  Develop accurate records on Business Partners in ERP and maintain update purchase product information.
  8. Responsible for monitoring the process of identification & locating potential vendor, approval & vendor development. Maintenance of adequate supply sources to increase competition, align purchase volume to capacity of vendor, and reduce risk associated with single source.
  9. Ensure efficient and effective vendor approval & vendor performance system are in-place and performance are evaluated and results are communicated to vendor. Monitor targeted improvement of vendor performance and capabilities.
  10. Develop system & methods of purchase negotiation, initiation & recording the results. Ensure that each individual acquire competitive negotiation skills and keep themselves up to date with latest purchase and purchase management concepts.
  11. Establish group and individual accountabilities throughout department for workload distribution, problem solving and cost reduction, both on a permanent and ad-hoc basis, depending on current need.
  12. Establish mechanism of smooth coordination & communication with other departments with support by steady on-time relay of need information. Report on Weekly & Monthly purchase activity & status, expenditures analysis and other issues.
  13. Continually improve safety record by addressing both physical safety issues and employee safety attitudes. Maintain and improve housekeeping in all areas.