Message from the Executive Office

Message from Managing Director Office – Wesam Swelem

Welcome to Delta Corporation,

Delta Corporation is a globally leading wellhead and valve manufacturing company. We at Delta are proud to say that we are the only company that has designing, manufacturing and servicing facilities of oilfield equipment in the Middle East since 1995. We look ahead to a compelling future in serving all local, regional and global oilfield markets.

Along with the integration of technology and skilled manpower resources, our manufacturing workshop has the capability to produce more than 150 wellheads and x-mass trees and 800 valves, bulk piping and fittings per month.

Our facility is approved by the American Petroleum Institute to apply the API Monogram on its manufactured products. Quality is one of our core strength, applied throughout its overall management system; “we pride ourselves for delivering unrivalled quality products and services to the local and global markets”.

We have established three new branches of operations, Delta Services formed to provide maintenance consulting and support service to the LNG and Oil companies, Delta Fabco specialized in steel structure fabrication and Delta Cladding specialized in welding.

Our strategic business plan to have facilities as well as offices worldwide; has prepared us to actively engage in serving both Americas, Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), Middle east, Africa, Asia, and Russia.

We are committed to developing mutually productive relationships with our stakeholders aiming towards preserving sustainable and steady growth. We look forward to welcoming you at Delta and would like to thank our loyal customers for their firm trust and partnership.