Delta Corporation is a leading US based oilfield engineering equipment design and manufacturing company specialised in the production of wellheads, X-mas trees and other oilfield equipment products.

Delta provides a whole range of after sales services including installation, maintenance, remanufacturing and supply of space parts.

Delta is the only existing company that has branches in the Middle East with full in-house capability to support regional and international extracting contractors and oil & gas producers to manage the complete pressure flow operations on site.

Delta has proven to acquire a distinctive competence in performing customized wellheads and valves design and production. Field testing of equipment is guaranteed and carried out on premises through highly sophisticated and technological machines run by experienced engineers.

Delta facility is approved by the American Petroleum Institute to apply the API Monogram on its manufactured products under specification 6A, 6D & 16A and is fully capable of producing an entire range of Oilfield products. Delta is committed to quality application throughout its overall management system and is registered to API Q1, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS29001.

“Delta Corporation is committed to satisfy customer requirements & expectations in a competitive manner through the absolute application of quality, health, safety & environment measures in its products, services and organization”.


Engraved within a long history that started in 1977, Delta has been established in Texas, USA. In the late eighties, Delta began to supply equipment to South American countries like: Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago in addition to its business locally. In the early nineties Delta succeeded in becoming an ISO and API certified company. Fore seeking the rapid growth along with the high potential demand encouraged DC to expand to the ME region in 1995, starting from Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and KSA. In 1996, Delta’s facility in Qatar succeeded in walking on the same track of its mother company, in USA, throughout acquiring accreditations, including: API 6A, 16A, 6D & ISO 9001:2008. In 1999, Delta’s expansion broadened to reach MENA countries including: UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and Morocco. The ravish success Delta enjoyed in both North America and MENA region; encouraged it to expand further, in 2006, to Asia, and Africa encompassing countries like: Nigeria, India, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Delta recognized the growing demand for specialized steel structure fabrication services therefore; in 2009 it opened a new division named “Delta Fabco”. In 2011, a new subsidiary named “Dserv” came out from the service department due to high demand for specialized engineering and maintenance support. The need for specialized weld overlay cladding capabilities encouraged Delta to open a new division named “Dclad” in 2013.

The scope of expansion continues to broaden; as Delta’s eager to offer the best possible products and services to its global clients continue to grow.